writers submission guidelines

An Introduction

Welcome to writers submission, a writer’s screening service provided to writers and those seeking quality writing for their web content, blogs or any general purpose in which a verified writer is needed.  Our staff of editors have a combined working career of over 1000 years.  Exciting, if you like being an editor, which we do.

Here’s how this works, you contact us via email, you submit a vast amount of information about yourself and an article with a minimum of 250 words.  The article will be screened for a number of checkpoints such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and voice.  If your article passes the first stage, you will be assigned a username and password giving you access to the website.  Here you will be able to create your writer’s profile, chat with other writers and find out about writing jobs.

Stage two requires you to write another article to verify your style against the first article.  Passing this stage will give you further access to the website and a referral from us as a verified writer.  You will then be able to refer to your works and your profile on this website as a work reference.  If you are verified as a writer, this can be a very valuable commendation and will make the difference in  when competing for freelance writing jobs.

writers submission also provides screening services for a number of clients that include blog sites, news sites and the like.  If you have been referred here by one of our clients, please use the appropriate client page to submit your works.  Some editing services provided by this seo writing services company.

There are hundreds of books in the bookstore that will teach you how to write, but it takes a lot more than just reading a book to land a job as a writer.  Most writers feel that they were born to the profession and others just fall into it.  Before you spend hundreds of dollars at the bookstore on books telling you how to write; try spending some time writing first and see how it feels. Reading is important to writing, but the most important element to writing is actually writing.