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Thank you for your interest in writing for In order to become a writer for you will need to submit an original sample of your work on the topic that you are most knowledgeable about. The length of the article, quality of content, style and technical proficiency in writing will be considered in the selecting you as a writer for You must submit the article using a permanent email address which can be verified through a response email.

If you are selected, you will be contacted with an offer to write for ADI-News, your submitted article will be kept on file and will serve as your first submission to the news service. If you are not selected, your article will be deleted and you will receive a thank you for submission, but not accepted email. You may submit an article again in two weeks for reconsideration. Writers that are accepted as writers will be required to submit a commitment email stating how many articles a week that they can contribute.

Writers that are accepted may also submit personal Adsense code for (1) 468×15 link unit. This is completely optional. Writers will also be permitted to include 1 link to their personal website per article. Any further self-serving links will be deleted. Numerous offenses will terminate the arrangement. is a publisher of original news content for topics including entertainment, lifestyle, sports, business, health and finance. Articles written by ADI-News accepted writers must first be published on, written in English, contain unbiased and informative information.

There are advantages to writing for is currently read by over 40,000 readers a month. Writers may use as examples of their work for other positions and writing jobs. Articles posted on ADI-News appear on Google News, Twitter and Facebook. The editorial staff also, on occasion, assigns interviews with celebrities and people of interest.

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